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We make videos for businesses that are sustainable, and socially conscious.



Abriendo Caminos means to lead the way, or open new paths. 

Abriendo Caminos Productions or a AC Video Productions is a Los Angeles based Production Company, providing visually compelling videos that inspire hope by shedding light on the voices and people that are changing the communities around them. Incredible people and businesses that have a passion for helping others are changing the world locally and globally. We believe that highlighting the work and stories of those who are leading the change, we can help bring light into all communities and ignite a movement where people will join in and take part in community action.

We work with wide ranges of people and organizations who are fostering change by making the world a better place to live in. These men and women are innovating better ways to live more sustainable, working to end homelessness, creating better access to healthcare, building better education solutions and the overall well-being of their community. 

The power of video and the impact of social media are essential to great storytelling. We bring proven experience and expertise in video production, having previously provided top-level video production for many large corporations and businesses throughout the U.S. We create content that demands to be seen with creative professionalism and expertise because we believe that the stories of those who are spreading hope deserve to be told in compelling ways.

Through compassionate, honest storytelling, not only can we highlight those who are making the world better one community at a time, but we can also help ignite movements by inspiring others to join in. Abriendo Caminos will share the challenges and successes these movements face and we will do so with the professional integrity and quality video production and treatment those movements deserve. We will tell these stories of hope through compelling video so that the world can finally hear them, because we believe that storytelling is one of the greatest, organic catalysts to spreading hope.



Films about people who are making an impact.


Our aim is to tell the stories of people and companies who are changing the world on a micro and macro scale. It has never been as important as it is now to share these stories. 

Social Media


We want everyone to be a change maker. So yes, we share your films on our social media page,  along with all of the clients who inspire us all to make a positive change. We know that online visibility will inspire others to participate in creating change in their locally in their neighborhoods, and therefor enriching our global community.

Having +13 years of experience in the industry is vital.


Our job is to make your film flawless, and breathtaking in every way. Having years of experience in the field enables us to bring our A game each and every time.


We are thrilled to have worked on this years 2019  Sustainable Quality Awards video and promotional trailer. 

The SQAs honor businesses in Santa Monica, California who have sustainable practices in the work place, and provide both residents and visitors with a healthy economy and environment.

Sustainable Quality Awards Video shown at the awards ceremony,  2019.  Santa Monica, California.

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Pre-production is the beginning of every story we tell. During this process, we work with the individuals and businesses to fully capture what that story is. In getting to understand their unique challenges, we are able to have a better understanding of how best to tell the story. This process includes creative brainstorming and goal shaping.It is by defining goals that we can tailor strategies to reach them. The end result of the pre-production process is the creation of the story, a definitive plan for how to tell it, and storytelling solutions that fit within any budget. 



Production is where ideas come to life. We begin by assembling a creative, solution-driven production team who  are as passionate about your story as you are. We believe that a collaborative approach is essential to the production process, and we operate by listening to everyone’s voice. This allows us to be more efficient in the ways we bring your story to life, and the experience and knowledge our production teams provide ensures that story is told in compellingly and effectively.  



The  post-production  process is where everything comes together. We bring in editors, designers, and colorists to add the finishing touches to your story. Color grading, visual effects, sound mixing, and picture editing ensure that our video content looks and sounds as great as the stories they are telling. During this process, client feedback is imperative, and we work tirelessly to ensure that the finished product is not only the story our clients demand, but also the compelling, visually stunning, high-quality work they deserve. With deep experience in video production and a passion for telling the stories of those who are changing the world,  we believe we have the opportunity to open the eyes of the communities around us to real needs and solutions. We look forward to helping you bring your story to the world. 


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